Hold on Everybody!!

It's '1 for Wednesday!'
Hi. Hope you're great!
Me, I am holding on. Am in the middle of it all, Fall. Hope you're in the middle of it all too! Hope. Hope. Hope. Guess I have a lot of that. Hope. And faith. It's awesome to believe. It's awesome to believe in me. It's awesome to believe in you. I love you. Just so you know. Brewing some things. Tune in next week on Wednesday, of course, for another LIVE '1 for Wednesday!' broadcast! We will be coming at you LIVE from Pilot Farm in Ashland, Oregon at 8 am PST. Hope you can tune in! I just want to say hey and send you some love and add to your day. Won't take long, 15 minutes or so. Dial in to www.concertwindow.com/bigwater and send your love around the world too! This week's FREE download is 'I Hold On'! Go figure! Hold on y'all. Fight for your dreams. Fight for LOVE! This is me, loving you. Peace out!
Big Water

Check out the 3 theakademia.com awards from June! Best Blues Song, Best Country Song, Best live performance video for Folk! Woo hoo! 

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Mt. Shasta, CA

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'I Hold On' - Hang on Everybody!

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Life is fast. Time travel's a bitch. Shooting Star!!!!!!

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Happy Fall, y'all!


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