55 years! 55 songs in 55 days!

Hey out there all you space and time travelers!

Happy Holidays! Hope you are fantabulous! I wish you the very best this holiday season! Time is always precious and special, but this year end and next beginning one are very special for me. I'd like to announce my '55, I'm alive!' campaign! I'm fast approaching a life milestone and will be turning 55 on January 15, 2018! I am in my last month of completing my 55th trip around the sun! So, in honor and gratitude of my life and my music, this is my share... 55 years, 55 songs in 55 days! I have written 55 songs in my life and will be posting a song a day for 55 days starting Friday, December 15, 2017 through February 7, 2018. Some will be from my albums, and some will be live. Some are great and some are not, but they are all coming straight out of me with as much love as I can muster. We are all gifts, and this is my gift to you for all ages, all colors, all humans, all of everything, all of LOVE!

The 12 days of Christmas just got extended! I wish you all the best this holiday season and every day! Well, life, is one day at a time, so, join me and see if I make it to 55 and more! Trying to finish 55 and start 56 with a flurry. Woo hoo! Please keep an eye out and hope you'll follow along from the first song I ever wrote to the last one I'm writing!! Look for the '55' button on my webpage for the running blog, www.bigwater.cc/55 or check out www.facebook.com/aguagrande. Thanks for tagging along so far. Your support and love mean the world to me. I wouldn't be here and doing this without you. I hope you're out there getting after it! I send you love and patience and safe travels and family and community and friendship and more! Much gratitude and love from me to you. Happy holidays and lots of high fives!!

Big Water

55 Years, 55 Songs in 55 Days!!


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49/55 'I Can't Wait' (1996) Podcast

49/55 'I Can't Wait' (1996) 

Day 50! Relationships are such a huge part or our worlds. But relationships are also one of the hardest things to have and hang on to. This is a song about relationships gone awry

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The bus

47/55 'The Bus' (2001) Podcast

47/55 'The Bus' (2001) 

Day 47! Get up, get on the bus! Get up, get on the bus! Get up, get on the bus! This is a song about driving your life, about getting on your bus and taking

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45/55 'Relax Your Mind' (1949, 2014) Podcast

45/55 'Relax Your Mind' (2014) 

Day 45! "Everybody moving so fast, one time you gotta relax your mind", says LeadBelly. This is a song written by legendary blues man LeadBelly in 1949. It was taught to me by my

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44/55 'Stop & Boogie Down (2012) Podcast

44/55 'Stop & Boogie Down' (2012) 

Day 44! Yes, stop & boogie down y'all! This song is another reminder to sometimes just stop and boogie down. Life goes so fast and humans are so busy that before you know

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43/55 'Release Me' (2011) Podcast

43/55 'Release Me' (2011) 

Day 43! In 2011, I added a new member to my guitar family and got a 000-M15 Martin guitar. Her name is Betty Brown. This song is the first song I wrote with Betty. It

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42/55 'Save Your Life' (2010) Podcast

42/55 'Save Your Life' (2010) 

Day 42! And it goes on and on and on. I wrote this song about meeting myself on the bus. One 'me' was a grinding it out working stiff stuck in the rut of

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100 1384

41/55 'Letter to Africa' (2011) Podcast

41/55 'Letter to Africa' (2011) 

Day 41! It's a sad day to hear of the passing of Jazz great Hugh Masekela from South Africa. Boo. Much love Masekela. I saw him in Johannesburg on my birthday a few years

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40/55 'Heavy Load' (2010) Podcast

40/55 'Heavy Load' (2010) 

Day 40! Still coming at ya! Just like life, still coming at ya. Every day I wake up breathing is a little victory in the heavy load of life. Yes, life is a heavy load.

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39/55 'Let it Rain' (2008) Podcast

39/55 'Let It Rain' (2008) 

Day 39! Rain, rain, rain. I live in Portland, Oregon where it rains a bit. The sky is more gray than how much it really rains, but there are times where the sun hides

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Img 0929

38/55 'A Day in the Life of' (2007) Podcast

38/55 'A Day in the Life Of' (2007) 

Day 38! Life happens, doesn't it? Sometimes good, sometimes bad and it's up to us to learn no matter what. This song was born due to some bad things that I

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37/55 'I'll Be Waking You' (2007) Podcast

37/55 'I'll Be Waking You' (2007) 

Day 37! Keep it on the road, keep it on the road, keep it on the road.... This is a road song to say the least. I spend a lot of time on

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In the garden front

36/55 'The Rhythm of Life' (2006) Podcast

36/55 'The Rhythm of Life' (2006) 

Day 36! The world turns. We breathe in and out. Seasons come and go. There is a rhythm to life, a rhythm and a synchronicity that is magic. Rhythms are slow and rhythms

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34/55 'Everything'll Be All Right' (2005) Podcast

34/55 'Everything'll Be All Right' (2005) 

Day 34! Sometimes we need a positive thought or mantra to keep us on the right track. I wrote this song because I was going through a rough patch and wanted to remind

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We are all human

33/55 'We Are One' (2004) Podcast

33/55 'We Are One' (2004) 

        Day 33! We are one! Go Team Human, go! I wrote this song about our shared human experience and how I look at it. We are all on the same

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32/55 'The Child in Me' (2000)

#32/55 'The Child in Me' (2000) 
         Day 32! Today is my birthday! I have completed 55 trips around the sun! Happy birthday to my twin sister, Renee! I wrote this song to remind me of the

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31/55 '1,000 Mile Heartache' (2004) Podcast

31/55 '1,000 Mile Heartache' (2004) 

Day 31! Ah, the road song. This is a song I co-wrote with my friend Eleanor Grande. She came to me with a poem and asked me to put some music to it. So,

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Img 3865

30/55 'The Life of a Clown' (2003) Podcast

30/55 'The Life of a Clown' (2003) 

Day 30! Ah, the life of a clown. I wrote this song with the help of some little kids at Broadleigh Elementary School in Columbus, Ohio. I was volunteering to help with

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