41/55 'Letter to Africa' (2011) 

41/55 'Letter to Africa' (2011) 

Day 41! It's a sad day to hear of the passing of Jazz great Hugh Masekela from South Africa. Boo. Much love Masekela. I saw him in Johannesburg on my birthday a few years back. It was incredible. I had an amazing trip to South Africa and that was one of the first things I did. Music and dancing were fabulous. The night was surreal. This was a song called 'Letter to Africa' I put together that was inspired by his show about the history of South Africa. This song was inspired by the beauty and the love of South Africa, it's landscape and most of all, it's people. The song is all me, acapella and the claves. Claves are one of the oldest instruments that were ever made, two bones clinking together to make a sound. Thank you Hugh Masekela for your beautiful music and for inspiring me to make mine.

  1. Letter to Africa

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