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  1. Let it go....

This is a new song about not carrying hate forward. It's about making a choice to carry it or leave it. Your choice....??


Let it Go! (R. Selvaggio)

In the morning when I wake up in the evening

Brush my face, I wash my teeth and comb my feelings

Tie my shoes and I go shuffle on down the line

It's so easy to get lost and get hazy

When we're living in a world gone crazy

And all I need to do is look into my baby's eyes

And I know that I've got to be strong

yes I know that I've got to hang on

Yes I know. Yes I know

I won't carry all this hatred anymore

Got to let it go. Got to let it go. Got to let it go now, yeah

Everybody's watching everybody online

Judging this and that and just so I can feel fine

And all I wanted was to find a little piece of mind

I believe that love will keep me breathing

Doing everything I can just to be me

People bring you up and people take you down


Got to let it go. Got to let it go. .............let it go, let it go......