From the recordings Look, Listen, & Feel and MY DEEP

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The Hum of Insanity (R. Selvaggio)

There was a time when I became a senseless victim of the night
Seduced by fear and greed, it took control, I lost my will to fight
I never thought that you’d be waiting for me, waiting by my door
They say I’m crazy, now my good friends they don’t come here anymore

Chorus: La dad a dad a da dad a

I find myself alone and staring straight into the noon day sun
Another day, another life, it is too late, it has begun
Now I am standing here with no excuse for doing what I’m told
I don’t remember things that I did and don’t really want to know, no


I had a dream that I was riding on a horse up in the sky
Across the barren plains, the oceans and the mountains we would ride
Do you believe in angels dressed in robes of linen and of gold?
The day I lost my heart and soul, it was the day I lost my hold and just let go