L-O-V-E Rocks!!

 Happy LOVE Day, Every Day!!
Valentine's Day is approaching and I'd like to let you know that I have a new LOVE Rocks! Collection. In honor of the LOVE day and my recent trip to Egypt and Jordan, I'm proudly announcing my 9th LOVE Rocks! Collection called, The 'Pyramid Power!' Collection. There are only a few pieces in this collection, so take a peak and see if something calls to you to share with someone you love! Just click on the LOVE Rocks! link button below and shop away!

LOVE Rocks!
The 'Pyramid Power!' 

Much love from me to YOU!
Big Water

            Every piece is a one of a kind original.  This unusual artwork represents a moment in time and place. It is a magical experience that happens to me. I find one letter and then the rest, in the same place, to spell the word L-O-V-E! It is how I see the world. I find this word over and over everywhere I go and make them into art pieces to share with all. These rocks have not been altered in any way. They are a gift from Mother Nature and the voice of planet Earth!

All of these pieces remind us that love comes in all forms and is never too far out of reach. 
 For me as an artist, these pieces represent and celebrate the multi-faceted word, idea, philosophy and experience of 'LOVE'.

For more info, please email loverocks@bigwater.cc.


The 'Pyramid Power!' Collection!

The 'What You See, Is What You Get' Collection