Big Water Goes To School!!

Big Water Goes to School!!

Who: Big Water (Robert Selvaggio) is a singer/songwriter/artist with a mission to keep creative thinking alive. His passion for children’s education was sparked in 2001 with an invitation from his niece’s 5th grade teacher to participate in a poetry program in Columbus, Ohio. That experience spurred Big Water to start his creative thinking workshops in any elementary school he could go to. Many years later now, Big Water has spent countless hours in many classrooms across the country. Big Water has a BA in Communication from The Ohio State University (’91) and has over 20 years of experience professionally teaching recreation and outdoor life to children and adults. Using these experiences as a base, Big Water works to inspire and help kids develop their creative minds for use in their every day lives.

What: ‘Big Water Goes to School’ is an interactive workshop that helps kids learn to express themselves and works to create positive thinking habits and healthy communication. This workshop is a discussion with children about emotions and feelings and works to help them find creative, positive and artistic ways to express them. Workshops are age specific and delicately balanced for each class. To aid in the intimacy of the individual and group interaction, the class is informally gathered as one big group. By leading through example, Big Water shares his music and discusses it as an extension of his own emotions and thoughts. Exercises are designed to empower the individual mind by taking a creative look at our selves and sharing a piece of that with the class. Activities encourage critical thinking, public speaking, and creative expression. (See Workshop Exercise Examples) 

Where: This workshop can take place in the heart of any classroom. The classroom offers a safe and familiar place for children to share and express themselves.

When: The formats for this workshop vary in length (usually 30 – 60 minutes per class) and can be customized to fit whatever a teacher or school needs. The workshop is designed to be interactive, easy and fun. There is also no set up or tear down time which makes it easy to integrate with normal curriculum.

Why: This workshop is designed to nurture creative thinking and positive habits in children. It is also designed to fit into many areas of the elementary literature, writing, reading, and health curriculum. It is a great tool for teachers to integrate new perspectives into the normal routine of study.

How: To bring Big Water to your classroom, all you need to do is write to us at Then, we work together to meet your specific needs. Workshops are scheduled upon availability.

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Big Water Goes to School
  • Big Water Goes to School

Big Water Goes to School

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You can pay right here with Pay Pal for Big Water to come to your school. $50 per half hour session. Thanks so much!

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