Everything'll Be All Right!

Hey, hey, out there!

WOW is a good opener?! WHUT!? is another one. It has been one heck of a year to understate the situation. I'm writing to check in on everyone during crazy time. I'm hoping that we are all doing the best we can. Well, I've been giving all I have to send out good vibes and healing and love and community and support, but haven't been sharing much music. Have been working on a new album that will hopefully be out next year and spending time with my family and working on my health and spirit. Seems like life is coming at us in a fervor right now. We are together in all of this, even when we disagree. If you're on Earth, then we are all in this together. Come on Team Human! If you're reading this then you punched your Earth ticket for the day when you woke up. What a ticket, huh? Things seem so hard right now, but nothing is permanent, especially us. That's how precious and important all of this is. I'm hoping we are all finding old and new ways to reconnect with ourselves and each other and the world and move this Earth to a better place. I came across this video we made in 2007 and thought it was a great share to remind us that through it all, Everything'll Be All Right! Gonna take some solid work, humans! But it will. So, click on the photo and I hope you enjoy the song and the video. It's a good throw back to 13 years ago. I send you love and health and power and community and laughter and tears and calm and peace and strength to endure and more. I do this every day. All day. That's how I use my Earth ticket. How do you use yours? Hugs all around!


So much love.

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'Everything'll Be All Right'

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