1. I'm Going Home

From the recordings Look, Listen, & Feel and MY DEEP

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I’m Going Home (R. Selvaggio)

Leavin’ out on the open road
I’m going to find me and I know that
I’ll be there, out there somewhere
Leavin’ out on the open road
I’m on my way to discover I know
I’ll find peace of mind in me

Please release me, all things I’ve been holding on to for a long, long time
Please release me, now that I stopped running away, well it’s a long, long way home

There’s a ring around the moon tonight
And the stars surround me
There’s a glowing deep inside my heart
And I’ve finally found me
I don’t feel alone in the places that I go
Finding comfort in the people that I know
My heart leads me and it shows me the way
Something’s calling and I’m sorry I can’t stay
I’m going home

I’m going home where I long to be
I’m going home where my heart is free
I’m going home only to be with you
I’m going home to say that I love you

Please forgive me, there is no way I can make up for wasted time
Please forgive me, now that I stopped running away, well I’m on my way back home

I am dreaming you’ll be standing there with your arms around me
By your side it is the one place where your love can free me
I’m thinking of you as I make my way back home
I need you in my life, I won’t live this life alone
And suddenly I cannot believe I feel this way
With you in my life I’ll never leave, I’m here to stay
I am home


I’m going home, no longer alone
I’m going home