From the recordings Look, Listen, & Feel and MY DEEP

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Can’t Stop Lovin’ You (R. Selvaggio)

You tell me and I’ll tell you
And we can set about telling each other just what we should do
I ain’t gonna hear you now, what you say
I can look you in the eyes and still do things my way

But I love you girl, don’t you know that I do
Well, I love you girl, don’t you know that it’s true
Can’t stop lovin’ you

She said, “I love you, boy.”
I said, “I love you too.”
And then those actions just start speaking louder than those words do
You say you’re leaving me, but I’m out the door
And we push and push ‘til we can’t take anymore


I see you and you see me
And we’re so tangled together we may never break free
Who are you and who am I
Not wanting to believe that we let our selves die