From the recordings In The Garden and MY DEEP

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When I’m With You (R. Selvaggio)

I’m taking it easy
And it ain’t my birthday, ain’t no Sunday afternoon
Gonna get my groove on
Cause I’m feeling groovy standing right here next to you
And I think about the things that are important
And I don’t hesitate to tell you that I love you
Cause I want you to know without a doubt the way it is that I feel about you

Chorus: When I see you and you see me
It will be with open arms
And I will carry you when we’re away
But when I’m with you
But when I’m with you

Well it’s a celebration
Hanging with my brothers, sisters, my whole family
Every generation
Puts leaves and branches on this family tree
Oh, generation to generation we are moving
Communication on down the line we are evolving
Inspirational love and I wouldn’t be me without you


Bridge: You, you, you, with you
Every moment of a life is granted
Every movement and a seed is planted
And we will carry on
Lead and follow as we teach each other
Learn to live and love and grow together
And we will be as one
You’re always, only just a thought away
Just a thought away

What an inspiration
To be this beauty and this struggle to be free
Oh the human nation
We are one loving heart beat and I wouldn’t be me without you