1. New Day

From the recording In The Garden

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New Day (R. Selvaggio)

It’s a new day, up with the rising sun
It’s a free way, don’t want to be the only one
In my life I’m at a crossroads and I’m standing still
But with your love I am the eyelet of the storm
And I am shaking from this feeling that I’m wanting you
Oh no, I’ve never really felt this way before

It’s a new day, morning has come and gone
It’s a free way, your love helps me carry on
You are floating in the air a million miles away
I feel your presence living deep within my heart
And I am waiting for the time that I am holding you
To feel your touch and hold you gently in my arms

Baby this distance between us
Will not take what I’m feeling
And I’ll keep holding on
Maybe I just like believing
Is this real, am I dreaming?
And time will bring me to
One day closer to you, closer to you

It’s a new day, sun on the horizon
It’s a free way, the dark of night is drawing near
Another day has come and gone
Your power of love embedded deep within my soul
And as I lay myself to sleep you are surrounding me
With true love that I am never letting go