1. My Sweet Linda

From the recordings Look, Listen, & Feel and MY DEEP

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My Sweet Linda (R. Selvaggio)

My sweet Linda, got you on my mind
Thinking about you, as I take a look behind me
In my younger days I never meant to put that hurt on you
I did not understand, who I was and what I had to do

My sweet Linda, my mind won’t let you go
Can’t go back now and change the things before
Of all the things I needed, the one I needed was your point of view
I did not realize what I had and what I chose to lose

Chorus: And I turned you away
As I was running from my self
And I can’t believe
I ever let you go, let you go, let you go
My sweet Linda

My sweet Linda, here we are today
Sad and sorry, that we went our separate ways
You’re always here with me, I keep you tightly locked inside my heart
I see your face, your smile, your hair, your eyes with these I’ll never part