From the albums Life On Earth and MY DEEP

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Life on Earth (R. Selvaggio)

Yes, I am dancing on the moon
And I am breathing in the lighter air
My eyes are seeing green and blue
I’m feeling dizzy as I turn around

Everybody free, born on the marble of blue and green
Animals and trees, feel the survival in the breeze
Just a little life on Earth, just a little life on Earth

To fly away and be, this dream of life is calling me
I am what I believe, I am the power of my destiny

Then the conversation changes
And now you realize you’ll never be the same again
What will you do with all this new found knowledge?
Hey now, hey now, you can make a brighter day
Be in the now, take your time enjoy the journey
Slow down somehow, life is moving fast enough
Just a little life on Earth, just a little life on Earth

Everybody be the life and spirit they are meant to be
To find what’s true for me, it is this path that follows me


I move my body to the Earth vibration
Live and die the cycle of creation
Shake your booty to the celebration
Just a little life on Earth…

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