From the recordings In The Garden and MY DEEP

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I Can Climb This Mountain (R. Selvaggio)

Every day a new morning, maybe sun, maybe pouring
Or maybe it’s an everything upside down day
Living life without knowing, faith in where you’re going
Through the abyss I make my way

I try to move the right way, a thousand times a day
Step by step I’m rising, I can climb, I can climb,
I can climb this mountain

I’ve got a mountain of problems, in the shadows to solve them
Sometimes I can’t see the light of day
Life don’t come easy, goes open and squeezes
If I could match up what I do with what I say


It’s a funky feeling, scrawling, scrunching on the ground
Kick up your heals, start jumping, dancing all around, around now
And I’ll keep dancing or lay this body down
Yes, I’ll keep dancing or lay this body down

Move a lot or a little, or just stay in the middle
How will I stand my test of time
I’ll go down screaming ‘Sweet Surrender’
No matter what I’m gonna make it to the other side