1. Rain

From the recording Life On Earth

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Rain (R. Selvaggio)

Chorus: Let the rain fall down
Let it wash me clean
Take away my pain
Let the rain fall down
Let it plant me firmly into solid ground

So here I am with only just the moment
Now it’s here and now it’s gone away
And did I see and hear and did I feel it
Coming through, passing on


See how I proudly walk the line of this life
To be of the Earth and of the sky
Try and find a balance and a meaning
Seeking truth before I die

Bridge: How will I feel at the end of my lifetime
How will I feel when it’s all said and done
I will not be here when my ashes are cast to the wind
I will be gone, floating up in the air
Yes I will be gone, going off to I don’t know where
I will be gone, gone, but right now I’m not gone

It is the now that writes the song of this life
As the days turn into nights
I find myself surrounded by my feelings
To live this life, I must vow