1. Heavy Load

From the recordings WHUT!? and MY DEEP

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WHUT!?: This song was inspired by the train yard next to my studio.
The sound byte is an engine waiting to go through the yard
and the squeal of passing wheels, May 2013. Portland, Oregon.


Heavy Load (R. Selvaggio) (4:55)

Train whistle blowing
I can feel the wheels a rollin’
And the metal on the metal breaks my back
Clouds turning purple
Bringing rain that’s out to hurt you
And the lightning on the lightning makes it black

Oh, oh, it’s a heavy load
Oh, oh, it’s a heavy load

Well, words don’t say it
They do their best to just convey it
But my actions on my actions make my name
The sky’s on fire
Full of ego and desire
And the want and want is what feeds the flame

And what is, just is
And I can’t change that
And I couldn’t if I tried
Make my life a song
Maybe right or wrong
And still I’m gonna die….


Awake or sleeping
I don’t know but time keeps creeping
Hand on hand it moves no matter what I say
The sun, east and rising
Bringing hope on the horizon
And when it comes, it comes, there’s no other way


The world keeps turning
The candle’s out, the candle’s burning
What you gonna do this brand new day?