From the recording WHUT!?

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WHUT!?: This is my James Brown tribute song.
The Big Water Earth Monk Choir sings the intro
With the bells of St Francis of Assisi and
the Great Cathedral of Orvieto, Italy. June 2014.


Stop & Boogie Down (R. Selvaggio) (4:11)

Hey, hey, Step right up and spin the wheel
Come on, take a chance
Well, bring it in to shake that thing
And you get your body to dance

So take it easy

I’m flying high, I’m flying low
And all the air is thin
I’m upside down, I’m right side up
I don’t know where I’ve been

So take it easy
Take is easy

You got your crazy life all
Running you around in circles
There’s only one thing you can do
There ain’t two ways about it
All I’m asking you to do is
Stop and boogie down
Stop and boogie
Boogie, boogie, boogie, down, down, yea, yea

Well, what you see is what you get
And what you get is me
I’m inside out, I’m outside in
I wear my heart out on my sleeve

So take it easy
Take it easy