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  1. Save Your Life

From the recording WHUT!?

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WHUT!?: This song is about meeting your self on the bus.
A past self, a future self, there to remind you to dance.
Sound byte is the Santa Cruz bus line #69W Cabrillo.


Save Your Life (R. Selvaggio) (4:56)

I met a stranger on the bus
And he can’t find his way home
And I can see and hear his voice

And he said, “Come and save your life.
Save your life."

I asked him just what did he mean?
And he just sat back and grinned
And then he stood and took my hand
He pulled me and started dancing

Every day, I move around and do a little dance
Every day I am alive
Every day, I find someone and take a little chance
Every day I am alive, I am alive,
He sang, hey I am alive, hey I am alive
And then he said, "You can save your life."
"Save your life. Live today. Love yourself."

I met a stranger on the bus
And I can’t find my way home
And I can see and hear my voice


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