From the recording WHUT!?

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WHUT!?: Sound byte is a pile driver pounding in the
foundation for a new building being built Feb 24, 2014.
NW 12th Ave and NW Pettygrove in downtown Portland, OR.


Conversation With Self (R. Selvaggio) (3:51)

Late for work, my heart is broken
Pay the rent, my head is aching
A conversation with self
Wasting time thinking about it
Lose my mind to try and fight
Well, will I stand or fall down?


And everything taking me away
I don’t understand anything I’m saying
Try to tell my self to go away
Can’t keep my mind from racing
Now that’s all that I can take and
I won’t follow you down
It’s just a long, long way down
It’s a long, long way down

Life is up and down, but it’s all good
Think too much, misunderstood
I wish my brain would shut up!
Being me just ain’t that easy
Feel and breathe intensity for
Life on the edge of itself

I won’t follow you down
It’s just a long, long…
...Way to go
It’s too far to fall
I won’t embrace the dark side of me
And I won’t follow you down
It’s just a long, long way…………down

Moving on, I let it go
To be strong and then I know
It’s how you handle it all
Heal my mind, my heart and soul
Live my life before I go
A conversation with self