1. I Am Me

From the recordings Life On Earth and MY DEEP

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This is a song about everyone's internal battle and coming to terms with it. Check out the guitar work by the late Rob Brumfiel. Bless ya, Rob.


I Am Me (R. Selvaggio)

Looking back I see me in time
I haven’t seen my self in a long while
And I said to me, I never really knew you could be this way
Ain’t it funny how you try to run and you just can’t get away
And I said

Chorus: I will follow you, anywhere that you go
I will follow anywhere you are
We’ll be waiting there together
Anywhere you are and I am me
Who else would I be?

I am conscious I’m in my mind
Discovering the truth is a fine line
And as I see, I understand the power that’s within my soul
Never be alone when I love myself and I said