Happy 4th of July all!

Hey, hey, hey! Woo hoo!

Happy 4th of July to all! Be free people! Be free. I'm writing to wish you all a safe and wonderful holiday with family and friends. I am home in Big Water (Lake Tahoe) doing exactly that, hanging with family and friends. Well, it's been a while since I've written and I must say that I do miss my '1 for Wednesday!'s. This year I will be doing more traveling, of course, and I will be doing a LIVE segment every now and then from wherever I am. So, 'Where's Big Water?' kicks off later this month from a southern location. I will write and let you know when they are going to be and you can look on my show calendar to find dates as well. www.bigwater.cc/shows. Destinations include: Portland, OR, Lake Tahoe, CA, Key West, FL, Davis, CA, Missouri Bar, CA, Clarksdale, MS, Memphis, TN, Rothenburg, Germany, Berchtesgaden, Germany, The Bush, S. Africa and a New Year's Day segment LIVE from the Giza Plateau in Cairo, Egypt! I also have shows all through the year and if you can come and say hi and hang with us, please do. If not, send a hug in spirit and I'll send one back. Hope you'll tune in to see wherever the heck I am on this crazy planet. Coming out to see you y'all. Here's a FREE download of 'Run Highway, Run', a song about my truck and the road. Get out there and get some.
Sending you love.

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Upcoming Shows!

Come celebrate
25 years of Big Water!

Sat, Jun 29
Far North Music Fest
Etna, CA
Time TBA

Thurs, Jul 4
Private Party
Lake Tahoe, CA
4 pm

Sat, Jul 13
Callahan Days
Callahan, CA
11 am  

Sat, Aug 3
Big Water & the Ride
The White Eagle Saloon
Portland, OR
8 pm  $8 show

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