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Flip that switch. Go turn your light on! Yes, you can!


Yes, that's right. It's 11/11/2020!!

Flip your switches on everyone!

What a fun day! And it's Wednesday! Well, it's also Manifest Day!

So, I'm writing to share my dream of love and family and healing and community and creativity to help manifest that dream.

That means I'm sending you love and power and strength and balance and energy to get through everything, every day! This is me, flipping my switch to root you on, to root me on, to root all of us on!! So, flip your switch, punch that Earth ticket, put all fears aside and just be your best true self. We don't get too much control in life, but we can control how we look at things and how we behave and treat ourselves and each other. Me, I'm sending love and power and balance and strength and health and happy and energy and more love! I'm calling to manifest this in all of our lives! Big hug. Be well. Be safe out there. Be smart. Be love.


Big Water


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