It's a 'BIG 5' year!

Well, well, well.

Time's a flying!

It's '1 for Wednesday!' again!


Hey, hey out there! Hope you are fantabulous! Me, I'm celebrating! But, I am always celebrating. It's kind of how I look at things. There are many people and things to celebrate in life. Little ones and big ones. They ALL mean a lot. And the next two weeks, it's on! This week I am off the grid (except we have killer internet) and am up in the Marble Mountains of Northern California with my cohorts; Big Red(my truck), Lucy(my trailer) and Betty(my guitar)! WHUT!? 'Red, White & Blue' back at it again. Oh yeah! We are here at Missouri Bar in Forks of Salmon to hang with my long time friend Howard, who is the steward of this magical place. Woo hoo! So great to be here! I am taking some time to work on this year's Burning Man art project, write some music, get some health time and to celebrate some little and big victory milestones for me.


This has been a 'BIG 5' year for me. I, Rob, turned 55 with my twin sister Renee on January 15 to kick off the year. This fall, Lucy will turn the big 5-0. She is a 1968 Aloha trailer! One of my best friends in the world, Big Red, is turning 25 this August too! I bought him in 1993 with 26 miles on him and we just turned 275,000 plus on this trip. Oh there's more. I am coming out with my 5th album, called 'My Deep' and we are shooting for a 5/5/18 release date! This album is a digital release only compilation of songs from my first four albums that mean the most to me. They are the songs that have carried me and gotten me through 'my deep' and I want to share them with you. Woo hoo!


Whew! Hang with me. There is one more, another anniversary of 25 years to celebrate! It was on the shores of Lake Tahoe back on April 25,1993 that I had a moment, an experience with all that is. It was the moment I got my name, 'Big Water'. It is an amazing honor and one I haven't taken lightly. Over the last 25 years, I have gotten to know and love this person that is inside of me. I've met many amazing people, gone to incredible places, taught thousands of kids and played tons and tons of music because of Big Water. I have not kept it to myself and have only shared the love and the art and the music that I am a vehicle of. This '1 for Wednesday!' idea started as a way to share my experiences, thoughts, music and art with y'all. And, as a matter of fact, next week is the 260th episode in a row without missing a week! That's 5 years of Wednesdays! Yep, 5!


So, dang, bless ya if you're still here. Next week on April 25, I will be doing my last '1 for Wednesday!' Big Water will be coming at you LIVE on location to say hey and say thank you and to do a short 3 song set to start your day! Tune in next week on my facebook page, at 10 am PST and we'll be coming at you live. Join me if you can to share and sing and shout and celebrate LIFE! And I guess, the number 5! I should do a 5 song set, but I won't keep you that long. Ha ha. Just want to hit and run you and send you all some love via live video. Really hope I can talk you into sharing 5 minutes of your day! So, until next week...this week's Song of the Week is 'Let it Rain'! Wash your blues away y'all! This is me, sending you, love and power and light and focus and dreams and hope and faith and strength and more LOVE! Much love.

Big Water

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Sun, Apr 22
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Fri, May 11
The White Eagle
Portland, OR
8 pm
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Band show

Sat, May 19
Portway Tavern
Portland, OR
8 pm
Duo show

Sat, Jun 16
Summer Solstice Party
River St Studios
Portland, OR
Band show
5 pm

Sat, Jun 23
Far North Summer Music Fest
Etna, CA

1 pm
Duo show

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