My name is Big Water, what's yours??

Woo hoo!
Yay, yay and more yay!
It's '1 for Wednesday!'

Well, it is your good friend, Big Water, sending you love and energy once again. If you do not know me, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rob Selvaggio and I am a singer/songwriter/artist that goes by the name Big Water. I get my name from Lake Tahoe, where I lived for 12 years and started playing music as this character 'Big Water' back in 1993. I've been sending out this weekly email blast every Wednesday for almost 5 years to send a photo, some music and some love and positivity to the world. If this reaches you, I hope it helps brighten your day like you brighten mine. If it is something that helps you or you enjoy, please share me with someone else you think might like some love, music and positivity in their world too! This week's Song of the Week is 'Rain'. It is Spring, ya know. Check out more tunes, I have 4 albums at or am on SpotifyiTunes, Pandora and more or come to a show like the one in the poster and support your local artist and live music! I appreciate your continued support and couldn't be me without you. Thank you, thank you. I send you love in abundance and all the magic in the universe. Get ready for Spring! Here it comes...! Much love.

Big Water


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Show at the Laurelthirst!

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Balance day! Equal day and night. Spring is here!

Upcoming Shows!


Happy New Year!

Shows coming in Mar, Apr, May!!
We're working on Spring and Summer!

Weds, Mar 21
Laurelthirst Public House
Portland, OR
9 pm

Sat, Mar 24
Portway Tavern
Portland, OR
8 pm

Weds, Apr 11
Laurelthirst Public House
Portland, OR
9 pm

Sat, Apr 14
Portway Tavern
Portland, OR
8 pm

Sun, Apr 22
Earth Day Festival

Mt Shasta, CA
1 pm

Fri, May 11
The White Eagle
Portland, OR
8 pm
$10 show

Sat, May 19
Portway Tavern
Portland, OR
8 pm

More dates coming,
stay tuned...


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