Happy Summer!! Where's Big Water?

Happy Summer y'all! Hope you're just stopping by to say hey, have a listen and then get your self back outside and having a day! Travel seems to be a big part of my life and now is no different. I'm starting a short video mini series that has a song and is from wherever I may be on the planet. I am blessed to get to see so many incredible places with incredible people all over the world. So, just want to share a song and a place and its people. This is Episode #1 from Key West, Florida. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for stopping in. Shows are coming, check the calendar! Sending you love.

Big Water


Big Water Music...










Upcoming Shows!

Come celebrate
25 years with Big Water!

Sat, Sept 28
Big Water & the Ride
Private Party
Corbett, OR
3 pm

Sat, Oct 12
Big Water & the Ride
Rosebud Cafe
Skappoose, OR
8 pm


Weds, Oct 16
Big Water solo
Folk Song Fiesta
WEVL Radio
Memphis, TN
8 am

Hambone Gallery
Clarksdale, MS
7 pm

Sat, Nov 2
Big Water & the Ride
The Brown Owl
Bend, OR

7 PM
Free Show!

Sat, Nov 23
Big Water & the Ride
The White Eagle Saloon
Portland, OR
8 pm  $8 show

Mon, Nov 25 - Weds Jan 22
Big Water 'Out seeing the World' tour
Florida, Germany, Austria, S. Africa, Egypt...
LIVE from all over the world!

Stay tuned...

Photo Roll!!

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